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Pre-K Math Curriculum

Our curriculum, Everyday Mathematics, is designed for preschool children and is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards.   

Everyday Mathematics is already used throughout the school district with older students.  In addition to keeping us consistent with the school district math curriculum, it gives us a systematic way to work on every goal of the early learning standards every week. 

There are eight content areas:  

Content Area


Numeration Oral counting and recognizing numbers
Measurement Understanding the measure of the main types of measure: length, weight, volume, and time
Geometry Awareness and knowledge of basic shapes
Operations The things we “do” with numbers, ie., “are there enough juice snacks for everyone?”, “How can we divide the snacks up equally?”
Patterns-Sequence Ability to see the rules that govern patterns and sequences, ability to sort things according to some rule or attribute, i.e., the color or shape
Money Learn to recognize the differences in coins and to use them as a means of exchange
Clocks and Calendars Understanding of the units of time and sense of the order and duration of time, i.e., minutes, hours, days, weeks, months
Data and Chance Collecting, organizing and presenting information in tables and graphs, i.e., how many children in class have a pet?

Our literature curriculum offers many opportunities for problem-solving and other math activities.  In this way a natural connection is forged between literature and math. 

Math is part of the ongoing routines in the classroom.  Thus, mathematical thinking becomes part of daily life.




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