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Madison County School Facility Sales Tax

Posted: February 15, 2018

Background Information on the County School Facility Sales Tax (CFST) Because of the massive debt in Illinois and gridlock in Springfield, schools continue to search for ways to become less reliant on State revenue. Over the last six years alone, Madison County Schools have suffered tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue from the State of Illinois. Many other school districts across the state have suffered similar losses.

The County School Facility Sales Tax is an alternative revenue source that shifts AWAY from relying on property taxes for local school district funding. A 2007 State of Illinois law allowed voters to approve a sales tax to fund school facility needs. The sales tax is 1% (or one cent on every dollar) spent on qualifying retail purchases. Forty-nine (49) counties in Illinois have already passed the CSFT to benefit their schools and communities. [Continue Reading →]

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