At the end of our Geometry unit, we designed and built gingerbread houses. First, students had to find the area and perimeter of their house. Next, they had to draw their plans and include a list of shapes, angles, and lines.

Students worked in groups to build the bottom with icing and graham crackers.

Then, students worked carefully to build the second level.



Students' completed gingerbread houses included solid shapes: rectangular prisms (jolly ranchers), cones (bugles), cylinders (candy canes), ,spheres (gumballs), and candy hearts.

Students' gingerbread houses also included plane shapes: circles, parallelograms, rectangles, trapezoids, squares, triangles, hexagons, and a rhombus.




 Their houses also needed to have parallel lines, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines, and angles. Students had lots of fun and had the opportunity to see geometry in the real world.


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