Famous People of the 1930’s


During the 1930s, the downfall of the economy led to a Great Depression. Many people helped bring recovery to the people and the economy. Two of the most important people of the 1930s were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune.



Franklin D. Roosevelt


                                                                                Franklin Roosevelt giving a speech for the "New Deal"                     A rally for the campaign about FDR                                              


        During the 1930s, Franklin D Roosevelt guided the United States through its terrible crisis.  When he took over, the United States was in the mist of a great depression.  The depression had taken away our nation’s wealth and strength.  However, with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s confidence and strength, he helped the nation rise back to its feet.  As Roosevelt has said, “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal to the American people”.  This became known as the “New Deal”. 

          In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt became America’s 32nd president.  Later in 1936, there was an election, where Franklin D. Roosevelt won 61 percent of the votes.  He soon had all the states except for Maine and Vermont.  The votes were enough for the democrats who supported the New Deal to beat the Republicans and the Southern Democrats. 

          Around 1938, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped support other countries that were in World War II.  Some of these countries included China, France, and other countries.  Franklin D. Roosevelt has helped the US overcome many fears.





Mary McLeod Bethune



Mary McLeod Bethune making a speech at a podium


           In the Great Depression Mary McLeod Bethune was one of the greatest educators in the United States. She was a woman leader for many African Americans during the Great Depression and was a very close advisor to presidents of the 1930’s.

          Mary McLeod Bethune was a great political person and had a great influence in leading the United States out of the Great Depression. After completing school she started teaching many kids and adults the things she learned. She helped African Americans get their education so that they can find jobs during the Great Depression. She also opened a hospital for African American people that were sick and needed help.

          She was also very helpful for women during the Great Depression. In fact, President Roosevelt listened to many advices given by her. Bethune was also involved in many organizations such as the National Youth Administration where they helped young people get jobs. She definitely had a big influence on the Great Depression.



More Famous People







Troy Aikman (1966 - ) Football player who led the Dallas Cowboys to 3 Super Bowl titles (1992, 93, 95); lived in Henryetta. Born in West Covina, CA (480)

Marcus Allen (1960 - ) Football player. A six-time Pro Bowler, Allen was also the MVP of Super Bowl XVIII. Born in San Diego,, CA (49)

Shirley Temple Black (1928 - ) 1930s child actress and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Born in Santa Monica, CA (42)

Robert Bower (2000 - ) Inventor. Born in Santa Monica, CA (50)

Ben Nighthorse Campbell (1933 - ) First Native American to serve in the U.S. Senate (1993- 2005). Born in Auburn, CA (56)

Joe DiMaggio (1914 - 1999) Famous baseball player who won two batting championships and three MVP awards. Born in Martinez, CA (43)

James H. Doolittle (1896 - 1993) Air force general who led the first carrier-based bomber attack on mainland Japan in 1942. Born in Alameda, CA (51)

Nanette Fabray (1920 - ) She had success as a singer and comedic actress in Broadway musicals, winning a Tony in Love Life (1948), and had occasionally appeared in films, including The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) and The Band Wagon (1969). Born in San Diego, CA (758)

Bill Fagerbakke (1957 - ) Played an assistant coach on the hit television series "Coach"; graduate of the University of Idaho. Born in Fontana, CA (135)

Robert Frost (1874 - 1963) One of America's leading 20th-century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Born in San Francisco, CA (44)

Allen Gracie (1906 - 1964) U.S.Actress who was the scatterbrained half of Hollywood's beloved husband-and-wife comedy team. Her husband, George Burns, was her straight man. The pair performed in vaudeville, on radio, in movies and on television. Their television show, The Burns and Allen Show, ran from 1950 to 1958. Born in San Francisco, CA (757)

Val Kilmer (1959 - ) Actor who is famous for roles in The Saint, Top Gun and Tombstone. Born in Los Angeles, CA (391)



Greg LeMond (1961 - ) World Champion bicyclist that also won the Tour de France; raised in Washoe Valley. Born in Lakewood, CA (357)

Jack London (1876 - 1916) Author of many novels about the vast Western frontiers, such as Call of the Wild. Born in San Francisco, CA (45)

George Lucas (1944 - ) Filmmaker and the mastermind behind the Star Wars features. Born in Modesto, CA (52)

Phil Mickelson (1970 - ) Professional golfer, Scottsdale resident. Born in San Diego, CA (23)

Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) Famous 1950's actress and considered one of the most famous woman of the 20th Century. Born in Los Angeles, CA (46)

Richard M. Nixon (1913 - 1994) 37th President of the U.S. Born in Yorba Linda, CA (47)

Robert Redford (1936 - ) Actor and founder of the Sundance Institute. Born in Santa Monica, CA (577)

Sally K. Ride (1951 - ) Astronaut and first American woman in space. Born in Los Angeles, CA (48)

John Steinbeck (1902 - 1968) Author known for famous works such as Tortilla Flat and Of Mice and Men. Born in Salinas, CA (53)

Natalie Wood (1938 - 1981) Natalie Wood became a child movie star when she played Susan Walker, the little girl who doubts Santa Claus in 1947's Miracle on 34th Street. Born in San Francisco, CA (759)

Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (1975 - ) Famous golfer who has revolutionized the sport since becoming a pro in 1996. Born in Cypress, CA (54)




Even More Famous People




Louis Armstrong: African American Jazz Musician.

Al Capone: Gangster

Charlie Chaplin: Actor

Henry Ford: Car Manufacturer

Warren Harding: 29th US President

Herbert Hoover: 31st US President