Video Conference with the

Peace Corps  



 We went on a field trip to learn about Ethiopia, Africa. The woman on the TV to the left is Colleen. She went to Ethiopia for 2 years because she was in the Peace Corps. She joined the Peace Corps in 1998. She talked about Ethiopia's problems. Some of the problems were how it is the 2nd poorest country in the world and how it is so dry. Another problem is worrying about a civil war starting. She told us about the violence of the civil war. She talked about the three major ethnic groups. Most of the children do not get a good education because they stay home and help their parents work. Most adults work on farms.



Colleen told us about were she stayed. It was very interesting. It had screen and glass windows. But not all people were that fortunate. The house was made of concrete. Other houses were made of mud. Colleen showed us artifacts. We saw a fly swatter made of horsehair. She also showed us an Ethiopian cross, but it didn't look our cross. Colleen told us that Ethiopians are very religious.


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