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Mr. Meinzen -- Resources for AP Computer Science

Course Description

Model Curriculum from ACM & CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) - AP Exam Information - Sun Micosystem's website to download Java Programming Language (freeware) - Modification of GridWorld for other Games

IDE's (editors) - Textpad Editor (shareware) - Eclipse IDE (freeware)

Eclipse Tutorials - Netbeans IDE (freeware)

Other Sites

Zero Robotics - NASA, MIT, DARPA's 2011 International Space Station robotics competition

Univ. of Evansville Computer Science Contest

WYSE - Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, practice tests for username: coach (kR5Ensin) - Interesting assignments using Java & Computer Science - Nifty assignments from the last several years - Practice in Java & Computer & challenging

Project Euler - Progressively more difficult Math Problems that can be solved via Programming

Top 25 Dangerous Errors that Programmers make that lead to Security Bugs in software.

University Lectures on a Variety of Topics

Java Library Programs

Input / Output Example using Scanner class

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