Telophase I

What is Telophase I?

Telophase I puts the finishing touches and cleans up at the end of Meiosis I. All it really does is split the cell into two identical daughter cells.

When does Telophase I occur?

Telophase I is the last stage of Mitosis I. It occurs after Anaphase I. The next stage, Meiosis II, goes through the same steps and Meiosis I.

What exactly happens in Telophase I?

During Telophase I, the cytoplasm divides and forms two identical daughter cells.

What does Telophase I look like?

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What is the dictionary definition?

Telophase I

A stage in Meiosis that is usually the final stage in the first and second meiotic divisions but may be missing in the first and that is characterized by the formation of the nuclear membrene and by changes in coiling and arrangement of the chromosomes.

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