Best Images of Student Projects Mr. Meinzen -- EHS PovRay Mini-Course Fall 2005


Learn how to generate professional-looking 3-D graphics using the POV-Ray program. Students will describe the scene they want using a special "scene description language" and the computer draws the image in perfect perspective. Easy to learn but advanced enough to create fantastic images. NOTE: This course requires a computer lab with software installed.

Website for free program:

  Date Topic(s)
1 25Nov05, 14Mar

Basic Image, and

Intro to Pov-Ray: coordinates, cameras, objects, lighting

2 27Nov, 16Mar

hints: showing the axes

translation, rotations, objects, textures, include files,

3 1Nov, 21Mar documentation, transparency, blob, text
4 3Nov, 23 Mar Animation using clock and ini files & while loops
5 8Nov, 28Mar Fractals & SurfaceOfRevolutions, HeightFields (with image.bmp & image.pov) Matrix & Isosurfaces
6 10Nov, 30Mar Exploration of POVRay websites
7 15Nov (delayed to 29Nov), 4Apr Student Submissions
8 17Nov, 6Apr Student Submissions

Student Submissions

Sinking Ian Gray


"Whatever" Natalie Rea

"Lamp" Natalie Rea

"Space" Cory Callender

"iPov" Zach Nahlik

"Galaxy #1" Andrew Slagle

"Pendulum" Keith Morrissey

"Practice Animation" Carolyne Vowell

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