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"Rejoice, we conquer!"


So exclaimed the runner Pheidippides to the people of Athens after having run twenty-six miles from the battlefield at Marathon.  In the ancient world, news traveled only as fast as the fleetest runner, the quickest horse, or the swiftest ship.  As a result, events often outstripped the dissemination of information.  It is both a blessing and a curse to live in an age where information travels at the speed of light, and we can virtually access the world from our laptop computer.  (By the way, Pheidippides ― who had earlier run to Sparta with a message seeking their aid in repulsing the invading Persians before rejoining the Athenian phalanx near the Plain of Marathon ― later died from his exertions.)


Chapter 2:  Early Civilizations Nile River Valley



  South Asia
Chapter 3:  Early Kingdoms and Empires of the Middle East Phoenicians
  Chaldea (Neo-Babylonia)


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