Table of Contents

Comparative Teaching Unit

Roman Army




Unit I

The Rise of Civilizations


Chapter 1

Human Beginnings


Chapter 2

Early Civilizations


Chapter 3

Kingdoms and Empires in the Middle East




Unit II

The Flowering of Civilizations


Chapter 4

The Rise of Ancient Greece


Chapter 5

The Height of Greek Civilization


Chapter 6

Ancient Rome and Early Christianity


Chapter 7

Flowering of African Civilization


Chapter 8

India's Great  Civilization


Chapter 9

China's Flourishing Civilization



"History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are."

- David C. McCullough

Mr. Parkin as a terracotta warrior, June 2010.


Early Roman Armies.

Early Roman Warriors

Roman Warrior Bands

Horatius at the Tiber Bridge

Venetic Fighting System


Roman Hoplites

Samnite Warriors


Romans and Samnites


Armies of the Roman Republic.


2nd Punic War


2nd Macedonian War

Roman Infantry

Standard Bearers


Mounted General

Antesignan Soldiers

Late-Republican Army

Jugurthine War


Imperial Roman Armies.

Legionary Infantry


(Early-First Century)


(Mid-First Century)


(First Century)



(Mid-First Century)


(Late-First Century)


(Early-Imperial Era)


(First Century)

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