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The EHS South is established to provide an educational program to address the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and career needs of at-risk students ages 14-21 and to successfully transition students back to EHS.


We believe each student has a right to be respected and treated with respect.

We believe each student has value and needs to be actively involved in the planning for his/her future.

We believe that four critical components must be included in each studentís plan: academic, behavioral/therapeutic, career, and transitions.

We believe that each student has the right to an environment that is supportive, challenging, and incorporates problem-solving and higher-order thinking.

We believe each student has a right to learn how to learn to enable his/her to become a life-long learner.

We believe each student has a right to an education based on the findings of research in learning and best practices.

We believe each student benefits the greatest when parents, teachers, and students work together for common goals and communicate frequently on progress toward the goals.

Placement Process

Consideration for placement at EHS South begins at EHS. The specifics of the placement process are detailed elsewhere, but the student, the parent/guardians, as well as administrators, teachers, and other appropriate personnel from both EHS and the EHS South are involved in the decisions. The placement process includes the development of an Educational/Employability Plan which includes goals, anticipated outcomes, evaluation components, anticipated length of placement, and transition plans for both going to the EHS South and back to EHS.


Since the EHS South is an extension of Edwardsville High School, all behavioral rules and expectations for EHS apply to the EHS South. Specifics are in the EHS Handbook, which is included in the planner. No separate extracurricular activities are provided for students who attend EHS South. Students are eligible, however, to participate in extracurricular activities at EHS, behavior expectations are the same as those for all students of EHS.

Services Available

  • High School credit programs, primarily core academic courses
  • Social work services
  • Career educational services

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