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Success at South



Congratulations to Robyn Clark for earning the distinction of April’s Student of the Month award! During the month of April, Robyn averaged a 98% on EHS South’s Behavior Tracking System and has been doing very well in her classes. In the above picture, Robyn is standing next to a project she made in her Fibers course. Robyn plans to attend Lewis and Clark Community College to study nursing. Additionally, Robyn was just recently honored by receiving the Tiger Choice award. Robyn has a bright future!



EHS South students spent months creating beaded bracelets for children at Cardinal Glennon Hospital and lap afghans for the elderly at Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation. The students donated almost 70 beaded bracelets and 30 lap afghans.







Congratulations to Leah Bandy for attaining February’s Student of the Month! Leah is relatively new to EHS South, but has transitioned well. Leah earned all A’s on her third quarter report card and is averaging a 99% on EHS South’s Behavior Tracking System. Leah loves creating art. In the picture above, she is holding a piece of art that she made. Leah attributes much of her success at EHS South to the magnificent staff that we have. One day, Leah would like to study abroad at an art school in Japan. Please join us in congratulating Leah!  


Pictured above, students in Plant Science are planting seeds in a grow rack in the classroom. Students planted various herbs, tomatoes, and flowers.



Congratulations to Ryan Geist for attaining January’s Student of the Month! To date, Ryan has not missed a day of school. He has improved his grades and his behavior during the school day.  Ryan is passionate about the National Hot Rod Association High School Bracket racing. In the picture above, Ryan, with his father, is holding the second place trophy from his first race ever. Ryan intends to become a professional race car driver and shop owner. Keep up the great work, Ryan!


Holiday Food and Gift Baskets

 EHS South students and staff members were invited to donate food and Christmas gifts for families within our community to assist them with the holidays. A team of EHS South students, supervised by Ms. Crumbacher, collected and organized all of the food and gifts that were donated. A total of 14 complete Thanksgiving Baskets were donated, along with providing Christmas gifts and/or food for eight families. Additionally, for each item that a student or staff member donated, their name was placed on a turkey and placed on the walls of EHS South. Pictures of this wonderful outpouring of generosity are below:



Congratulations to Courtney Laubscher for being nominated for    December’s Student of the Month.  Courtney lives by the motto “Live happily, live passionately, and laugh always.” As such, she tries to come to school happy, and spends her day trying to make others happy as well.  Courtney said she tries to model her behavior of Mrs. Shive, “who is always happy, nice, and helpful to everyone.”  Courtney’s recipe for success is always coming to school (even if you’re late), having a good attitude, and trying to work hard.  After high school, Courtney wants to go to Lewis and Clark to study Dental Hygiene.  Afterwards, she wants to transfer to Illinois State University to pursue a degree in Dentistry.  Keep up the good work, Courtney!  


Science in Action!


In Mr. Morgan's Physical Science course, his student's studied the principles of electricity. To demonstrate the principles, the student's made simple batteries and also built miniature wind powered electric generators.


Student of the Month

October 2013

Congratulations to Megan Wallace for being nominated as October’s Student of the Month!  During first quarter, Megan achieved high academic success and earned Honor Roll recognition for her accomplishment.  Megan has continued this success into second quarter.  In addition, she has maintained extraordinary attendance, and has excellent classroom behavior.  After she graduates, Megan would like to be an artist, and maybe even go to London, England for college! Keep up the excellent work!


Veterans' Day Breakfast

Three EHS South students had the privilege of participating in the Veterans' Day Breakfast held at Edwardsville High School.

Student of the Month

September 2013


Congratulations to Fletcher Weeks for being nominated for September’s Student of the Month! Fletcher just started his high school career in August, but he has figured it out very quickly!    Fletcher was able to maintain one of the highest behavior percentages throughout the month of September, while maintaining all A’s and B’s in his classes.  He has even shown off his incredible culinary skills by bringing wings and dessert and sharing it with those in his lunch period.  Fletcher has become an important addition to our program at EHS South!

Student of the Month

September 2013

For the second year in a row, Nadia Trebing has been nominated for September’s student of the month!  Similar to last year, Nadia has started the year off with very good attendance, impeccable grades, and stellar behavior. Since the start of the school year, her Behavior Level is perfect – 100%.  It does not get any better than that!  Keep up the terrific work, Nadia!


  Check out pictures of our "Back to School" bulletin board that welcomed our students to the 2013 - 2014 school year! (Hint: It is a cross-word puzzle with all of the students' names)



EHS South students give back to community

March 14th is known as "Pi Day" (03/14) and EHS South decided to use this as a day to engage their students in fun and educational activities while also benefitting local charities.  On this day, students were able to donate money and in turn wear a hat for the day.  Additionally, they were able to be placed in a drawing to throw a whipped cream pie at a staff member.  The more money a student donated, the greater the likelihood they would be one of the few to throw a whipped cream pie at a staff member.  All of the proceeds went to the "Friends of Kids with Cancer" organization.  After all of the "Pi Day" activities were over, the students ate pie.  Pictures of the day are below:






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