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Parent/Citizen Involvement

District 7 parents are strongly urged to become active participants in the educational process. Parents’ interest in their children’s education and the level of cooperation between home and school are key elements to success in school. Volunteer opportunities, through the parent - teacher organization or the building’s principal, are virtually unlimited. The PTO’s make a valuable contribution to the schools through their fund-raising and social activities. Interested volunteers should call the individual schools. The Citizens Advisory Council is an appointed committee of laypersons whose function is to study various issues and provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Education. The CAC meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month during the school year.

Parent Questions Regarding a Child's Education & School-related activities

If parents have a question or concern about their child’s progress in school or school-related activities, the FIRST person to see is the TEACHER/SPONSOR/COACH. They are always the best source of information regarding a child, for they work with him/her on a daily basis and share parents’ concerns. One of the most valuable things parents can do for their child’s education is to keep in close contact with his/her teachers/sponsors/coaches.

If parents have further concerns or questions of a more general nature, then they should call the school principal. In District 7, building principals are looked upon as instructional leaders. They are extremely knowledgeable about their students and staff and are an excellent source for assistance.

For specific questions, parents may call the following:

  • Bus Routes & Information 655-6019
  • Food Service (free/reduced program) 655-6050
  • Special Education/Student Services 655-6016
  • Elementary & Secondary Education 655-6021

The next “step” is the central office (Hadley House). There are six offices in Hadley House: business, personnel, information systems and services, instruction, special education/student services and the superintendent’s office. Any of the five administrators in these offices can assist parents with their question.  You may call Hadley House at 656-1182.

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