K12 Student Insurance



K & K Student Insurance Co. will provide access to student insurance plans for District 7 students. (UnitedHealthcare Student Resources is no longer offering student insurance) Your school should have received a number of flyers to be made available during registration and to be kept in the office as a resource for parents and students.

As the flyer explains, parents may go online to enroll their child/student for a variety of plans and coverage levels including:

  •  • At-School Accident coverage
  •  • 24 Hour Accident Coverage
  •  • Injury and Sickness Coverage
  •  • Extended Dental Coverage
  •  • Football Coverage

These plans are strictly voluntary and are the responsibility of the parents. District 7 has enrolled to make these plans available to students who need the coverage and want to purchase the coverage. District 7 has no other involvement with these plans other than making the information available.

District 7 has put a link on the website for this student insurance under Parents.

If you have questions about the insurance, you may go online to: www.studentinsurance-kk.com

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