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We believe that each student at Liberty Middle School should be provided with an environment that encourages the continued development of the skills necessary for higher learning. We have a commitment to provide programs for each child’s continued development in all areas, aesthetic and creative, as well as intellectual, physical, moral, and social.

The school atmosphere will encourage, stimulate, and support each student’s development of a positive self-image, a respect for the ideas and feelings of others, a desire for learning, and a sense of physical and emotional stability. We will use the values of self-discipline and responsible citizenship to encourage the development of students as contributing members of our changing democratic society. Concurrently, each student will be provided the opportunity to become involved in the decision-making process and in the exploration of career opportunities.

The goal of Liberty Middle School is to accept each student as a unique individual and to provide opportunities that will encourage intellectual and personal growth. We share this goal with the home and community.

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Liberty Middle School will provide a comprehensive, integrated curriculum, within a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. Our learning environment will target the development of students to challenge intellectually, to think critically, to grow emotionally, to develop physically, to mature socially, to encourage creativity, to make informed and reasoned judgments, and to produce and invent, as well as to critique and analyze. Our students will develop habits of personal responsibility and concern for others as they learn about themselves and their world.

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Liberty Middle School is student-centered and recognizes the uniqueness, importance, and formative nature of the young adolescent years in human development. We share a common commitment to build curricular programs and practices that are sensitive to the unique development of young adolescents. We believe that the curriculum and programs should support each student’s need to develop a positive personal identity, as well as the skills necessary to prepare for the future.

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·We believe students should take responsibility for their learning and their behavior; therefore, interactive instruction is provided in all subject areas.

·We believe regular home/school communication improves student success; therefore, parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education process.

·We believe in the value and potential of every individual; therefore, we provide personal and educational guidance for every student.

·We believe all students can and should achieve academic growth; therefore, we provide a variety of opportunities to learn within a rigorous curriculum.

·We believe all students have a right to learn each day; therefore; we provide opportunities for each student to develop the skills necessary for intellectual growth and opportunities to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to resolve real-life issues.

·We believe the middle school is a transitional program; therefore, we provide a smooth transition from elementary to senior high school.

·We believe that social responsibility is an integral component of learning; therefore, we provide a learning environment through which responsible decision-making and respect for self, others, and community are encouraged.

·We believe that middle school students are at a formative stage developmentally; therefore, we provide activities that encourage the development of attitudes, and behaviors that are conducive to developing and maintaining a healthy and meaningful life style.

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Parents often ask, “What can we do to help?” Perhaps the following information can be of some assistance as it relates to Liberty Middle School:

1) Read this handbook thoroughly and carefully. Take time to discuss its contents with your child.

2) Get to know as much about the school as possible. Communicate with your child’s teachers. Perhaps come and visit with our staff. We encourage parents to request conferences with teachers when they see a need or feel it advisable. Please call us and we will be glad to arrange the conferences. Conferences will be scheduled when the teacher is not in class.

3) Become involved with LMS. Take advantage of the opportunities provided for communication with the school, such as orientation meetings, fall open house, and parent conference days.

4) Perhaps best of all, become a parent volunteer. We have had the good fortune of having a very dedicated group of parents offering their time and talents in assisting us in many ways. Hopefully, you can become a part of this group. If you are interested, please contact our office so we can refer you to our Parent Coordinators. It may stimulate more involvement in school activities by your child. Showing that you are interested in your child’s life is extremely important to his/her success in school.

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WBGZ—AM (1570)
KmOX—AM (1120)
KLOU—FM (103.3)
KXOK—AM (630)
WINU—AM (880)
MIX (97.1)
WSIE—FM (88.7)

Student attendance hours are 8:00A.M. until 2:45 P.M.

Office hours are 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


The main office phone number is (618) 655-6800. Staff voice mail can be accessed through this phone number. The attendance office phone number is (618) 655-6802. The web page address for Liberty Middle School is Our web page is updated daily with student announcements and calendar changes. Staff is accessible via e-mail. Email addresses are staff members’ first initial followed by their last name As an example the principal’s email address is

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Required Fees and/or Costs:

Textbook Rental for all students $90.00

Band/Orchestra Instrument Rental see director: Mr. Gipson or Ms. O'Neal.

Textbook Rental Fee is due at the time of registration.

Checks should be turned in to the main office made payable to Liberty Middle School.

Participation Fees:

There is a $75.00 fee for participation in the following sports and activities, with a maximum of $150.00 per student/year.

Sports—Football, Softball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Fall/Winter Cheerleading, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Track, Girls Track

Performing Arts—Band, Orchestra, Chorus/Show Choir, Fall/Spring Drama

All athletic fees will be due one week after rosters are set. Band, Orchestra and Chorus fees are due at the time of registration. Fall and spring drama fees are due one week after cast and crew have been determined.

Two types of financial aid are available for:

1.Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch status. Parents should apply for a fee waiver OR

2.Students who do not qualify, but have extenuating circumstances. Parents should provide a brief statement of need to the building principal. All requests for financial assistance will be addressed at the building principal level and will be kept confidential. The EGHM Foundation has offered to sponsor these students.


The school district’s policy regarding lost or destroyed books is that students will be charged the replacement cost of textbooks. The classroom teacher will issue textbook fines for damaged and misused books.


Student accident insurance is offered to all students at a reasonable fee. The necessary information and enrollment forms are issued to students the first day of school. Participation by the parents and students is voluntary except that all boys and girls participating in competitive sports are encouraged to carry insurance. School insurance covers students in athletics at the middle school.

Any accidents should be reported to the clinic where the necessary forms will be completed. Any dispute over claims is a matter between the parent and the insurance company.


Parents are always welcome to visit the school. Upon entering the building you must go to the School Safety Officer station located in the main entry sign in. A photo ID is required. If you would like to visit in your child’s classroom, please plan such visits with the classroom teacher and the principal. However, it is our policy to discourage students from bringing guests with them to their classes. Many times there are distracting factors associated with student visitors.


Should there be any changes of address or phone number during the school year, please call the school office and give us the information. Report cards will be returned to the middle school if they have the incorrect address. Please remember to let us know if there is a change in work phone numbers as well. There are times when we need to get in contact with students and/or parents, and at such times this information is essential.


We have many students each year who transfer in or out after the year begins. If it becomes necessary for a student to transfer from the school, please let us know as soon as possible. Prior to the student’s last day of attendance, the parent should contact the Main Office (preferably in person) to assure that the proper transfer forms, procedures, and obligations have been completed.


The student information sheet is distributed at the beginning of each school year or at the time of enrollment. The purpose of the sheet is to provide the school with the necessary emergency and other information about the student. Parents are required to complete the student information sheet and keep all information current.


Students needing to call home during the school day or after school may use the telephone in the main office. If a student wishes to use a phone during the school day they need to obtain a pass from a teacher. Neither students nor teachers will be called from class to the phone except in cases of emergency. Parents should not ask for messages to be delivered unless it is extremely important or essential. We will honor such requests only from the parents, legal guardians or an individual listed on the emergency card. Parents may leave messages for teachers via voice mail or e-mail and these will be promptly returned.

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If your child is missing clothing, ask them to check in the office area to see if it has been turned in. If they should find an article that has been lost, inform them to bring it to the main office. Students having lost articles in their possession place themselves in a position to be blamed for stealing. Lost articles that are not claimed will be given to charity after a reasonable period of time. Students may check in the office for small valuables, such as keys, glasses, purses or wallets.



Language Arts Year Year Year
Reading Seminar/Math Seminar* Year Year Year
Social Studies Year Year Year
Mathematics Year Year Year
Science Year Year Year
Physical Education Year Three quarters Two Quarters
Band, Orchestra, Chorus (electives) Year Year Year
Art One quarter   One Quarter
Music   One quarter  
Computer One quarter One quarter One Quarter
Health One quarter One quarter Two Quarters
Spanish One quarter One quarter One Quarter
Agricultural Science   One quarter One Quarter

* Students who do not demonstrate proficiency in reading or math will be enrolled in reading seminar or math seminar in place of exploratory classes.

Students attending Liberty Middle School cover a broad range of achievement levels. We recognize that not all students will achieve at the same rate; however, we encourage students to work to the best of their ability.

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About mid-point of each quarter, progress reports for students will be mailed to parents. This is an attempt to keep the parents informed of their child’s progress. Sending a report of unsatisfactory progress at this time enables parents to help remedy the situation. When a report is received, please discuss it with your child. If you would like to discuss anything on the report with the teacher, please contact him/her at 655-6800.


Lack of study skills and failure to turn in assignments are significant factors in a student’s lack of success at school. This year each student will be supplied with a Student Planner to help students keep track of their assignments and schoolwork. Students will be required to carry their Student Planners and are encouraged to write their assignments in them each day.

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We like to recognize those students who have done outstanding work in their school subjects. This will be done at the end of the first three quarters. To be on the Honor Roll, the student must meet the following criteria:

Honor Roll: Students have a 3.5 – 4.0 average in all subjects. Just before the end of the school year, Liberty Middle School will hold an Honors Assembly in the evening to recognize students for academic achievement, perfect attendance, participation in various school organizations and teams, and other honors.

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Four times during the school year each student receives a report card indicating grades received. This card will be computer printed and will not need to be signed or returned to school. Report cards are mailed home following the end of each semester of school. Ending dates of each semester are listed in the school calendar in this book. Each student will receive a letter A, B, C, D, or F to indicate the level of achievement for each subject area. The meaning of these letter grades is as follows:

An “A” student achieves all that is reasonable to expect in this grade level, subject, and group. The mark indicates outstanding initiative, which results in excellent work. The “A” student has mastered the necessary skills and can apply these skills independently. Point value=4.

B A “B” student achieves most of what is reasonable to expect in this grade level, subject, and group. A “B” indicates very good work. The student has acquired most of the skills being taught and can use these skills independently with a minimum of assistance. Point value=3.

C The “C” student achieves an acceptable amount of what is reasonable to expect in this grade level, subject, and group. The student has acquired some of the skills being taught but requires assistance in doing most of the assignments. Point value=2.

D A “D” student achieves very little of what is reasonable to expect in this grade level, subject, and group. A “D” indicates that the student is achieving or performing at a marginal level of learning. Point value=1.

F An “F” student achieves almost none of what is reasonable to expect in this grade level, subject, and group. An “F” indicates that the student is not achieving or performing at an acceptable level of learning.

For all subjects, the grade given at the end of the quarter is a cumulative grade for the quarter. The semester grade is an average of the two quarter grades.

Conduct Grade. The numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 will indicate your child’s conduct in each of his/her subjects. The meaning of the conduct number is as follows:

Superior (1) – This conduct is exemplary. The student is cooperative, respects the rights of others, uses class time wisely, and follows the school and class rules.

Good (2) – This conduct is generally acceptable. The student is usually courteous and respectful and seldom misbehaves. This student follows the school and class rules most of the time.

Improvement Necessary (3) – Conduct is sometimes not acceptable. The student at times fails to be courteous and respectful and sometimes misbehaves. This student at times fails to follow the school and class rules.

Unacceptable (4) – This conduct is unacceptable. The student is disruptive, uncooperative, disrespectful, and disregards the school and class rules.

If you should have any questions after receiving the report card, please call the school.

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All students are required by state law to take physical education. Those students who cannot participate because of illness or injury are to secure a statement from a doctor. All activities are appropriate for middle school age students.

Each student should have the required physical education clothing, (i.e., black athletic shorts, gray T-shirt, soft-soled tennis shoes, white socks). Students name must be on the T-shirt and shorts. Tank tops, designer clothes, and cutoffs are not acceptable. We recommend that all P.E. equipment (clothing, towel, etc.) be laundered at least once a week. The physical education uniform is available for purchase at Liberty Middle School at the time of registration. The cost for the uniform (shirt and shorts) is $18.00.

During cold weather students are to dress accordingly. Warm clothing (sweat suits, warm-ups, and lightweight jackets) over P.E. clothing is acceptable. Students are not to wear their school clothes at any time for P.E. activities.

The physical education curriculum emphasizes leisure/lifetime activities, dance, and team sports. It is important for each student to understand the need to incorporate physical activity as a daily routine to ensure a healthy and strong body throughout their lifetime. Because students frequently misuse aerosol cans or glass containers, we ask that students not have these items at school.


Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades receiving passing grades in all or all but one subject shall be promoted to the next higher grade. Students failing two or more subjects may be retained at the present grade level pending a parent conference with an Assistant Principal. Evidence of attendance, growth, and effort will be considered in the decision to retain a student. Yearly grades are given in all subjects except the quarter courses, which are Agricultural Science, Computers, Health, Art, Music and Spanish (6th and 7th grade). For promotional purposes the grades received in four quarter courses are the equivalent of one subject. Terms as used above shall be interpreted as follows:

Promoted Advanced to the next grade level

Retained Held at the same grade level


Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7 offers a variety of special services. Special education services are extended to students 3 to 21 years of age with visual, hearing, mental, health, and speech or language impairments, as well as students who show evidence of behavior or learning problems and those who have limited opportunity to learn. Students receive part-time instruction from a special education teacher. Other students with more serious deficits often receive special education services on a full time basis.

Parents who believe that their child may require special services can request that the child receive a full case study evaluation. This request may be made to the middle school principal, guidance department, or Marion Brooks, Director of Student Services and Special Education at 656-1182.

Parents have the right to receive a copy of the results of the evaluation and to accept or reject its conclusions and recommendations. If a student is placed in a special education program or is to receive special education services, an Individualized Education Program will be completed before this placement or service shall begin.

The rights of parents and students are protected through due process procedures. Contact Marion Brooks, Director of Student Services & Special Education at 656-1182, ext. 10013, to obtain additional information concerning special education services and a copy of the rules and regulations to govern the administration and operation of special education.


We have a cooperative working relationship with agencies that give specialized help in the areas of mental health, delinquency, and programs for emotionally or physically disabled students. These agencies serve as valuable adjuncts to our efforts in working with individual students. If you would like information about these agencies, please call the counseling office for further details.


This service is available to those students who will be absent from school for at least two weeks because of illness or physical disability. If your doctor feels your child will be out for this length of time and is willing to sign the appropriate papers, contact the Nurse, the Attendance Office, or Assistant Principal for details about this program.


The Illinois Revised Statues states that parents/guardians shall cause their child to be present at school daily for as long as the child is enrolled. Regular student attendance is of great importance in the educational process. A student who is not present in school is not learning. Further, students who are absent without a valid reason are establishing a very poor habit. Therefore, we encourage parents to fulfill their legal obligation by making sure that their child is in school daily. We have outstanding educational opportunities at Liberty Middle School. Help your child take advantage of these opportunities—SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL DAILY!

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If your child is unable to attend school, please call the attendance office (655-6802) before 9:15 a.m. If you are unable to call, the student must bring a note upon returning, signed by the parent/guardian or physician that contains the reason for the absence, duration of the absence, and a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached. Parents may be required to substantiate a reported illness with a statement from a physician after three consecutive days of absence or five cumulative days for the quarter.


Students absent without parental approval or knowledge, or who are absent without valid cause, will be classified as truant, resulting in disciplinary action. A chronic or habitual truant is, as defined by the School Code of Illinois, “a child subject to compulsory school attendance who is absent without valid cause from attendance for 10 percent or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days.” By law the names of chronic truants and the person who has custody of them must be provided to the regional superintendent of schools. If your child is absent from school without your permission please contact the assistant principal or social worker. They will work with you to intervene is this potentially serious matter.


Every student is expected to be on time to all classes. Students who are excessively tardy to school or class will be assigned one or more after school detentions by their teacher. Students who are five or more minutes late to class or school will be considered absent or truant and should report to their assistant principal upon arrival at school. To be considered excused, a student must have a note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the student’s tardiness. Otherwise he or she will be considered truant. If your child has significant difficulty coming to school in the morning please notify the assistant principal or social worker.

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Upon their return to school it is the responsibility of the student to see his or her teachers for schoolwork missed as a result of being absent. The teaching staff will provide the student with a reasonable amount of time to turn in assignments missed due to an excused absence; however, work due the first day of an absence should generally be turned in on the day of the student’s return to school. Parents may request homework assignments for their student, although it is generally not necessary to request homework assignments unless a student is absent for two or more days. Requested homework may be picked up in the main office after 3:15 P.M. Please keep a copy of your student’s locker number and combination.

To receive credit for schoolwork missed due to an unexcused absence the student must submit that work to his/her teacher the day of his/her return to school. In order to pick up assignments on the same day that they are requested, it is necessary that the request be received by 9:45 A.M. This allows enough time for teachers to prepare assignments. Requests for homework assignments may be made by contacting the attendance office at 655-6802. Most teams post their assignments daily on our web site:


A student is to have a pass any time he/she is in the hall while classes are in session. When a student is given a hall pass, he/she is expected to go directly about the specific business for which the pass was issued. Wandering the halls or making side trips while on a pass for a legitimate reason is not acceptable and will result in disciplinary action.


We expect students to use good common sense when moving through the hallways, and to always follow the directions of staff. Students should remain on the right hand side, not run, loiter or bunch up. Each specific grade level is generally designated a specific area of the building. Students should not be outside of their grade level area without permission from staff.


All students are to remain on the middle school grounds from the time they arrive until school is dismissed or they have completed an activity. Any exception to this is to be made by parent or guardian request to the administration. We will honor such requests as medical or dental appointments and most requests when the parent will pick up and return the students to school. When permission is given for a student to leave, he/she must report to the Attendance Office to sign-in and/or sign out. Requests should be handed in to the Attendance Office upon arrival at school or the day before such permission is requested. Failure to follow any of these procedures could result in the student being considered truant.

Students may not leave campus during the period between the end of school and the start of an after school event or activity. This includes athletic practices, after school activities, after school detention, and after school contests. Students must remain on campus until they are picked up by their parents, an activity bus, or, in the case of students who walk home, until they leave for the day.


The building is open to students at 7:50 a.m. and secured at 3:00 p.m. Only those students under direct supervision of a teacher or who are using school bus transportation may be in the building before or after these times. When the first bell rings at 7:50 A.M. students should go directly to their first hour class.

If you wish to transport your child to school, we ask that you drop him/her off in the parent drop-off area. If you are picking your child up after school, we ask that you pick them up in the parent drop-off area. The circle drive is for bus transportation only.

Students who arrive at school prior to 7:50 A.M. must enter the building upon arrival and wait in one of the following locations: 6th graders - Main Gym, 7th graders - Main Gym, and 8th graders - Commons. Supervision is provided in each of these three areas by the grade level assistant principal and a monitor from 7:30 until 7:55 A.M.

Students who plan on eating breakfast may report directly to the cafeteria/commons upon arrival at school. Students may not loiter outside the building or be at their lockers or in the hallways prior to 7:50 A.M.

Students who request permission to ride home with another student on his/her bus must be eligible for bus transportation and have a note from a parent or guardian. A school administrator must approve the note. While in most cases these will be granted, requests will be denied if there is reason to believe that the student will be a disruptive influence on the bus or if the bus is at or near capacity. To avoid the potential for disrupting family plans, we ask that all requests be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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Activity buses will depart the circle drive in front of the building at 4:45 P.M. daily. Students should check with activity sponsors for use of this bus. Students who are regular bus riders and who are participating in after school activities may ride the activity bus home. Students are to wait quietly in front of the building at the main entrance until it is time for the bus to depart. Students may not be in any other part of the school after 3:00 P.M.


General guidelines for student rights and responsibilities and a description of possible consequences of misbehavior may be found in District #7’s handbook on student discipline. All discipline procedures at Liberty Middle School are always subject to these guidelines. Additional information may also be found in the student handbook section of your child’s planner.


At Liberty Middle School, we expect and encourage responsible student behavior. Responsible student behavior includes regular attendance, active participation in the learning process, and respect for faculty, staff, and other students. Responsible students sometimes make mistakes; however, when they do, they take responsibility for their actions, admit their mistakes, and learn from their experience. At LMS, our student discipline program is designed to encourage, to the maximum extent possible, responsible student behavior.

We will do our best to keep you informed of situations where your child’s behavior is disruptive to the school or in violation of established school rules. Past experience has shown that we are most successful when those at home and at school work cooperatively in solving disciplinary problems.


The following disciplinary measures, approved by the Board of Education and published in the District #7 handbook, are available and may be applied:

1. Conference – a discussion is held with student and/or parent and appropriate staff.

2. Detention – a student may be detained before, during, or after school by teachers or administrators. At LMS, after school detentions are assigned by teachers or administrators and are held in a classroom at Liberty Middle School from 3:00 P.M. until 4:30 P.M. The activity bus is available to transport bus students home. Students should turn in the signed detention form to their teacher before school.

3. In-School Suspension – a student is removed from class and placed in the designated area for one or more school days. Students are required to complete all schoolwork. In-school Suspension is an alternative to out-of-school suspension and is most frequently used for offenses that are serious but pose no threat to the good order of the school.

4. Out-of-School Suspension – a student is separated from school for a period not to exceed ten consecutive school days. During that period of time, the student cannot participate in school extra-curricular activities or be allowed on school property. To receive credit for work while suspended, students must turn in their work to their classroom teachers immediately upon their return. Tests must be made up before school, after school, or during the lunch period, at the teacher’s discretion.

5. Expulsion – a student may be removed from the school for the remainder of the school term. During that period of time, the student cannot receive credit, participate in school extra-curricular activities, or be allowed on school property.

Other Remedies – Reasonable action might include:

a. Counseling a student or group of students

b. Conference with a parent or group of parents

c. Assigning students alternative work

d. Reevaluation of class schedules or removal from class

e. Require a student to remain after regular school hours for counseling with the teacher

f. Restriction of extracurricular activity

g. Referral to appropriate school specialist or outside agency

h. Removal from position of trust and/or responsibility in clubs, classes, teams, or other organizations

Disciplinary measures applied to students with handicapping conditions are in accordance with the Rules and Regulations to Govern the Administration and Operation of Special Education in the State of Illinois, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Any unlawful act taking place on school property, buses, or bus stops not only makes the student subject to penalties which the school may prescribe, but also will result in criminal prosecution. The same disciplinary guidelines and measures that govern student behavior during the school day also apply to all school-sponsored extracurricular activities and events regardless of location.


Each student has the responsibility to dress and groom in a manner that meets reasonable community standards of good taste, health, safety, and cleanliness while not disrupting the educational process. The following guidelines describe some types of dress that are not acceptable in the school setting.

1. Dress indicating affiliation with any group that advocates dangerous or unlawful activity is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

2. Hats, caps, and outerwear such as coats and jackets may not be worn in the building during the school day and must be stored in the student’s locker or book bag.

3. Clothes displaying vulgar or suggestive writing, pictures, or images are not acceptable.

4. Clothes displaying alcohol or drug-related images, words, phrases, or logos are not acceptable.

5. Clothes that expose a student’s undergarments by being excessively loose, sagging, sheer, small, or having holes in them are not acceptable.

6. Clothes that expose the back, sides, or midriff of a student are not appropriate for the school setting and are not acceptable.

7. The use of unusual make-up, such as face painting, creates disruption and distraction in the building and is not acceptable.

8. The wearing of dog collars, chains, and wallet chains is not acceptable.

9. Leggings should not be worn without some type of cover up such as a long blouse, shirt, sweater, or tunic that completely covers the hips.

Teachers and administrators will screen students for dress that is inappropriate for the school environment. Students in violation of the dress code will be sent home to change clothes and will receive unexcused absences for all classes they miss. Repeated violations by a student may result in additional disciplinary action. Parents must assume the responsibility to see that their child is appropriately clothed for school.


Maintaining safe schools requires the forging of partnerships to share information between schools and youth-serving agencies, including the police department, court system, and youth parole and probation offices. To facilitate this information sharing, the School District has entered into an Interagency Agreement with the Edwardsville Police Department and the Madison County Probation and Court Services. This agreement outlines procedures by which all three entities will share information regarding students in, or at risk of entering, the juvenile justice system. All students are placed on notice that the parties to the agreement are committed to improving services to children in the juvenile justice system by sharing information, when appropriate and lawful, through all available media, including an integrated database network.

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A variety of lunches are available. The regular student lunch is $2.70, which includes milk and a dessert. Sandwiches, pizza, and a variety of al a carte items may also be purchased. If your child brings lunch from home, he/she may purchase milk or fruit juice from the cafeteria. All lunches must be eaten in the cafeteria.

Grade levels are assigned one of three lunch periods. In order to facilitate a safe and orderly environment, there are prescribed routes to and from the cafeteria during lunch times. Additionally, students are to remain in the commons area during their assigned lunch periods.

Breakfast is served each morning beginning at 7:30 A.M. The cost for breakfast is $1.25. The first two rows of tables are reserved for those students eating breakfast. Students are expected to be in their classrooms at 8:00 A.M. and late passes will not be given from the cafeteria.

Requests for students to go home for lunch must be cleared in advance with the principal. Because of our closed campus policy, we discourage such requests. Occasionally students forget to bring or lose their lunch money. If a parent is unable to bring money, the main office will provide a lunch voucher good for a regular cafeteria lunch. However, payment is to be made in the office the following day and the voucher will not be good for a la carte items or snacks. Students will not be able to obtain a voucher if they have outstanding cafeteria debt.

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The health services offered by the school district are to be viewed as a valuable support service. The health clinic is located by the main office complex. A registered nurse is scheduled in our building and is available for consultation by appointment. Students may go to the nurse whenever the need arises. It is necessary for students to obtain clinic passes from their teachers, administrator, or counselor before reporting to the clinic. Under no circumstances may a student who is ill leave school without checking with the clinic or administrator. The nurse, secretary, or administrator must contact parent/guardian prior to the student leaving school. Students may not make their own arrangements to leave school.

If your child is to be excused from P.E. due to illness or injury, a parent note will be honored for one day. If, however, the request is for more than one day, we must have a doctor’s note on file.

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Our social worker, Diona Shelton, provides a wide range of services for students and parents. The assistant principals and social worker are always available to the students to help them develop a better understanding of their environment. Individual and small group counseling are offered to the students to help with personal, school, and social relationship problems. Behavioral contracts and daily/weekly reports on class work can be offered upon request.

Parents are always welcome to meet with their student’s administrator or social worker to discuss their child’s progress, or any other matter of concern to them.
If our staff can be of assistance to you, please call 655-6800.

Parent/teacher conferences are often arranged and can be helpful to your child in his/her adjustment in a particular class.


Transportation rules and regulations are published in the District # 7 Handbook. Please remind your child that the driver has the same authority on the bus that the teacher has in the classroom. Misbehavior on the bus will be dealt with in the same fashion as misbehavior in the classroom. In addition, please note “students who receive three conduct notices during the school year may be suspended from bus riding privileges.” Students may ride only the bus to which they are assigned. Exceptions are made only for emergency purposes and must be approved by the principals to which the students are assigned. Should you have any questions regarding bus transportation, please call Mr. John Mollett, Manager at 656-0125.


We are proud of the Media Center and encourage all middle school students to make full use of it. The Media Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 A.M. until 3:15 P.M. In the event any material checked out is lost or damaged, the borrower is expected to pay for the material or its repair. It is the responsibility of the students to return materials by the due date. A student may lose privileges and/or be assigned detentions if he/she is delinquent in returning materials or paying assessed fines.


Each student is assigned a hall locker in which to keep personal or other supplies directly related to school business. The lock for the locker is to be supplied by the student. This may be either a key control or combination lock. Regardless of which type is used, it should be the proper size, shape, and design for the job to be done. Students using unassigned lockers may find their locks cut off and disciplinary action taken.

Lockers are owned by the school and may be opened by school authorities at their discretion. The school is not responsible for theft from lockers, has no insurance to cover losses, and will assume no liability for any items lost or stolen.
We ask parents to urge their children to:

1. Use only the assigned locker. Do not share their locker and combination with another student.

2. Keep locker clean and neat inside.

3. Leave items of significant value at home.

4. Check the locker and lock to see that they are shut securely.

To help prevent theft of articles in the P.E. locker room, it is suggested that students follow the same precautions as listed above. It is most important that students lock their P.E. lockers.

Students are to keep only school related materials and supplies in their lockers. School authorities may confiscate materials other than these, and parents will be contacted. Locker misuse of any kind could result in disciplinary action. As a service, the school will inscribe student numbers on locks. This assists in locker control and often reduces theft.

All book bags must fit easily into the assigned locker. While book bags with wheels make the task of carrying books easier, those book bags are too large for the lockers. Students will not be allowed to use book bags that are too large to fit into the locker. I encourage you to not buy any book bag with wheels. The dimensions of the lockers are 9” wide by 10” deep by 45” high.


Eligibility: To participate in any extra-curricular activity, a student must maintain a passing grade and a 2 or better in conduct in all classes. Some activities, at the discretion of the sponsor, may have higher entrance and/or participation requirements. Eligibility will be checked on a regular basis from the time a student joins an activity. Those found ineligible will not be allowed to participate in activities for the following week (Monday – Sunday). If grades and/or conduct improve, the participation may resume after the next weekly eligibility check.

All students participating in extracurricular activities are subject to the District’s code of conduct.

Activities: Friends In Touch, Drama Club (Act I), G.O. Committee, School Newspaper, Yearbook, Science Fair, Math Team, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Show Choir, Computer Club, Young Authors, Ecology club, Model United Nations, Botball.

Athletics: Basketball (Girls and Boys), Wrestling, Volleyball, Football, Cheerleading, Track (boys and girls), Cross-Country, Field Hockey, Softball, Intramural Tennis, Intramural Dance, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Golf and Intramural Flag Football.

A student must have a current sports physical on file in the clinic before he or she can participate in any athletic activity including intramurals.



1. Set a family standard on drug and alcohol use. Tell your children the family rules early. Let them know your expectations.

2. Establish consequences for violation of the rules. Make the consequences for violation of the family rules clear in advance and impose them without exception every time there is a violation of the family rules.

3. Set aside time every day to talk with your kids about what is happening in their lives, how they feel, and what they think. Let them talk, just actively listening, respecting your child’s experiences and feelings.

4. Help your child establish personal goals.

5. Know your child’s friends and spend time with them. Know the parents of your child’s friends. Spend time with them¾they can enrich your life as well as help you be a better parent.

6. Help your children feel good about themselves and their achievements, large and small. Life is an adventure. Share the adventure with your kids; you won’t have them with you for very long.

7. Have a system for conflict resolution/family arguments.

8. Talk about your child’s future early and often.

9. Enjoy your kids. Work with your children to make your home a positive place for everyone that means family teamwork and mutual respect.

10. Be a NOSY parent. Let your children know that you are being nosy because it is your job as their parent and because YOU LOVE THEM.

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