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N.O. Nelson Elementary School is located in Edwardsville, Illinois and is part of the Edwardsville Community School District. N.O. Nelson currently has an enrollment of 307 students with 43 faculty and staff members. Nelson students attend Woodland Elementary School for third, fourth, and fifth grade.

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S.T.E.M Activities at Nelson School

Second graders are currently studying a science unit titled The Great OutdoorsWe are learning that an ecosystem is a community of living things and about abiotic factors such as light, moisture, and soil.

Mr. Emerson’s class worked in small groups to set up mini ecosystems in the classroom. Each group used small containers to spread soil, making sure the soil was evenly distributed. Students planted five different types of flower seeds as well as three containers of grass seed in the various containers. The students then watered their soil and labeled each container to identify the type of seed that was planted.

The students will tend to and monitor their ecosystems over the next few weeks, observing and charting their plant’s growth. They will also observe how light and water is necessary for their ecosystem to flourish.

This is a fun and educational “hands on” activity that allows our students to interact with the ecosystem!

Nelson's Young Authors

Seventy-five of our students participated in our district’s annual Young Author’s program! Students wrote stories or poems using their imagination and illustrations. After writing and illustrating their stories, students had to include an “About the Author” and “Dedication” pages. 

Students wrote wonderful stories full of exciting details and action! Second grader Chase Chrenka, wrote The Three Cavemen & the Magic Waterfall and 1st grader Grace Eagle wrote Taylor, The Brave Little Kitten. Both students won the opportunity to participate with other county level winners.  Kindergartener Adam Lugge took 1st place in our school by writing The Abominable Snowman. Adam won the opportunity to participate with other state winners. All of our authors were able to share their stories with classmates during Nelson’s Annual Young Author’s Tea.

We are proud of all of our authors and we send special congratulations to Adam, Chase and Grace!

Way to go!!!!




7/21/14: Elementary School Building Open - 8:00-4:30pm

7/23/14: Registration - 12:00-7:00pm - Please bring two proofs of residency - New students to our district must have certified copy of birth certificate


August  2014

8/11/14: KG Orientation (Teachers will contact parents to set-up times)

8/11/14: Building Walk-Through - 3:00pm-8:00pm

8/14/13: First Day of School - Full Day - 9:15-3:30pm

8/19/14: Welcome Back Night at Edison's - 5:00-8:00pm

8/27/14: Parent Orientation - Time: TBA



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