Couplet Poems

By Mrs. Burns’ Class


My Cat

By Molly

I like to play with my cat

He likes to get in a hat.


Good Vacation

By David

I like to play games a lot

I loved when it was hot.


My Good Summer Vacation

By Zainab

My summer vacation was so much fun.

I love to skip and run.


 The Pool

By Elizabeth

I swam in a pool

But it was to cool.



By Aisha

I played Barbie pet shop.

Then I had to stop.


The Dog

By Rahul

This summer I met a dog

My dog likes to sleep in a log.


The Pod

By Joey

I spent my Summer Vacation in a Pod.

I turned into a paper wad.


Springfield Vacation

By Mason

We went to Springfield, Missouri

We got there in a hurry.


                   My Bad and Good Cats                   

By Courtnie

I have two cats, one mean and one nice.

They chased some mice.


The Fourth of July

By Michael

The rain was light

   And we had a great night.


My Basement

By Jacob L.

 My basement is very scary

 I think there is a monster that is hairy.



By Whitney

I went to the YMCA  

Almost every day.


Summer Birthday

By Alexis

On my birthday I went to Raging Rivers

When I got out of the water I had shivers.



                                                                      I Wish

By Claude

I wish I had a hamster and a cat

My cat would chase a rat and sleep on a mat.    


Summer Vacation

By Adam

On summer vacation, my dog jumped on my Face

I had a great chase. 


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