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District #7 Announces Opportunities for Parent and Community Involvement in Three Key Committees

District #7 Announces Opportunities for Parent and Community Involvement in Three Key Committees

At the Board of Education meeting on Monday, April 22, District #7 announced opportunities for parents and community members to apply for membership in three committees – the D7 Steering Committee, Equity Advisory Council, and the Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee.  

The Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee assists in the development of student behavior policy and procedure and provides information and recommendations to the school board. Additionally, the Parent-Teacher Advisory is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on other matters, specifically safety, revisions to the student handbook, and the administration of medication in schools. This committee will comprise eight District #7 staff members and eight District #7 parents/guardians. 

The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) was formed after the completion of the work of the Equity Task Force and includes staff members and members of the District #7 community. The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) is tasked with reviewing and making recommendations on matters specifically regarding policy related to diversity, equity and inclusion.  

The District #7 Steering Committee was established during the development of the Strategic Plan and includes key stakeholders from the District #7 community. These stakeholders were to be representatives of the student, teacher, parent and community, and were to provide input and receive updates based on the goals and actions of the District #7 Strategic Plan. In addition to representing the various groups mentioned, the committee members should embody diversity and represent the various geographic areas of District #7.   

The sign-up links for all three committees are listed below – please sign up to indicate your interest no later than May 24, 2024. Individuals selected for the committees will be notified no later than July 1, 2024.  

Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee Interest Form 

Equity Advisory Council Interest Form 

District #7 Steering Committee Interest Form 

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