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Employees Honored at District #7 Awards Banquet

2023-24 educators of the year

Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7 honored several of its outstanding employees, recognized the contributions of those employees with 25 years of service, and bid farewell with a salute to its retirees on Thursday night during its District Awards Banquet. The event was held at the SIUE Meridian Ballroom.  

16 employees were recognized for 25 years, while 18 employees were honored for their upcoming retirement.  

Honorees included teachers, principals, custodians, cooks, paraprofessionals, and so many others who help make District #7 an outstanding place for adults to work and students to learn. 

Individual award winners included:  

  • Teryn Cross (Leclaire Elementary 2nd grade teacher), Rookie of the Year | video

  • Rachel Douglas (EHS Success Academy instructional assistant), Educator of the Year (classified staff) | video

  • Maggie Dust (Lincoln Middle School science teacher/instructional coach), Educator of the Year (certified staff) | video 

  • Nancy Werden (Worden Elementary principal), Administrator of the Year | video


25-Year Honorees 

  • Keith Baker, social sciences teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Craig Bosomworth, technology, Central Office 

  • Robert Brouillette, maintenance, Central Office 

  • Maggie Clark, 4th grade teacher, Albert Cassens Elementary 

  • Peggy Emling, 7th grade social studies teacher, Liberty Middle School 

  • Matthew Fields, English teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • John Ginestra, 8th grade social studies teacher, Lincoln Middle School 

  • David Hanson, head custodian, Central Office 

  • Amy Herman, 1st grade teacher, Leclaire Elementary 

  • Bill Herman, assistant athleticc director, Edwardsville High School 

  • Tamara Johnson, 1st grade teacher, Nelson Elementary 

  • Patricia Kierbach, 5th grade teacher, Woodland Elementary 

  • Julie Luitjohan, 3rd grade teacher, Worden Elementary 

  • Kevin Matarelli, PE/health/drivers education, Edwardsville High School 

  • Kristin McFarland, English teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Angela Zywicki, 2nd grade teacher, Glen Carbon Elementary 


Retiree Honorees 

  • Craig Colbert, business teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Linda Erspamer, business department, Central Office 

  • Allen Glasper, school security officer, Liberty Middle School 

  • Mark Heiderscheid, business teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Cheryl Hibbard, program assistant, Edwardsville High School 

  • Louise Kampwerth, nurse, Nelson Elementary 

  • Dot Kraus, kindergarten teacher, Glen Carbon Elementary 

  • Morse Lienemann, custodian, Leclaire Elementary 

  • LaTrice Lott, secretary, Columbus Elementary 

  • Denise Martinussen, math teacher, Edwardsville High School  

  • John Meinzen, math teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Jane Pirok, secretary, Worden Elementary 

  • Michael Rockwell, 4th grade teacher, Woodland Elementary 

  • Susan Spillers, head cook, Columbus Elementary 

  • Kelly Spinka, art teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Jon Wagner, driver’s ed teacher, Edwardsville High School 

  • Janet Ward, assistant head cook, Lincoln Middle School 

  • Wadena Willman, program assistant, Lincoln Middle School 


Building Educators of the Year (Classified) 

  • Albert Cassens Elementary: Kalie Hengehold, program assistant 

  • Columbus Elementary: Jim Cant, school security officer 

  • Edwardsville High School: Rachel Douglas, instructional assistant 

  • Glen Carbon Elementary: Jessica Barnard, program assistant 

  • Goshen Elementary: Emily Papin, secretary 

  • Hamel Elementary: Lori Cherry, monitor 

  • Leclaire Elementary: Sarah McGinness, program assistant 

  • Lincoln Middle School: Mary Myers, secretary 

  • Liberty Middle School: Leonard Manley, custodian 

  • Midway Elementary: Whitney Triplett, secretary 

  • Nelson Elementary: Karen Bertels, program assistant 

  • Woodland Elementary: Lily Kolesa, program assistant 

  • Worden Elementary: Stephanie Lobbig, program assistant 


Building Educators of the Year (Certified) 

  • Albert Cassens Elementary: Leslie Ellis, social worker 
  • Columbus Elementary: Danielle Scott, psychologist 

  • Edwardsville High School: Kayla Dinkelmann, social worker 

  • Glen Carbon Elementary: Kathleen Almos, music teacher 

  • Goshen Elementary: Jamie Elafros, social worker 

  • Hamel Elementary: Lee Horan, kindergarten teacher 

  • Leclaire Elementary: Sara Jackson, special education teacher 

  • Liberty Middle School: Tyler Slaby, 7th grade math teacher 

  • Lincoln Middle School: Maggie Dust, science teacher/instructional coach 

  • Midway Elementary: Kasey McKinney, nurse 

  • Nelson Elementary: Jade Hinnen, 2nd grade teacher 

  • Woodland Elementary: Tricia Young, special education teacher 

  • Worden Elementary: Vanessa Sims, special education teacher 


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