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2022-2027 Strategic Plan

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Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7 Strategic Plan
The District #7 Strategic Plan is a living document that identifies the district’s mission, vision, objectives and strategies and will provide the District with direction for the next five years.  

The Strategic Planning Process 
The work of developing the strategic plan started in August of 2021 with the establishment of a steering committee, comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, and members of our community. 

In September 2021, a community engagement kick-off was held to announce the strategic plan, while input was sought from the community on what they wanted to see in the plan.  

In October 2021, goal teams were formed. These teams were open to community members with teams meeting on a regular basis.  

A second community engagement event was held in December to announce a draft of a new district mission, vision and values, which were then adopted by the board of Education in January 2022.  

As goal teams worked to refine goals and action steps, these were then presented to the community in another engagement event in March.  

In May 2022, a draft of the strategic plan was presented to the community for feedback.  

A final draft was presented to the Board of Education at the May 23 board meeting and was unanimously approved. 

Mission Statement, Vision, Values
In January 2022, the Board of Education adopted a new mission statement, vision and values for District #7, which helped lay the foundation for the 2022-27 Strategic Plan. 

The mission statement is the reason for existence and is an integral part of how District #7 defines itself, while the vision is where District #7 sees itself in the future. Both perfectly communicate the purpose of each student achieveing their own success.

The values are what we as a District believe in.


District 7 Mission Statement



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